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ZOYO Local - we make each journey matter.

We are happy and grateful that we can every-day work on fabulous itineraries, events, tours, and many more great and exquisite services for our international clientele. As a family-owned company, we are proud of our unique achievements and the many loyal clients we have served over the years. But we are also aware that success (and a fair start) is not given to everybody.

With our label, ZOYO local (launched 01 January 2023). We support people and organizations that could use a helping hand in archiving their goals and can contribute to a better world around us.

We support the following charities


Children Aid 

We (and our clients) like to travel: discover, share, celebrate & embrace moments together. This is exactly why we support the foundation Children's Aid; we make sure they can give many days 'away' to children and their families that need it (due to their financial, trauma, and/or other life-changing events). Think of visits to theme parks, zoos, cinemas, and more!

Visit the website of Kinder Hulp 



We support Alex (11 years old) and living with his mother and brothers and sisters in Kenia. Due to a shortage of income and proper education, there was not much perspective. With the local support of Compassion, we can create a brighter future with education and a safe environment for the family* (*if we achieve the yearly goal, we also support the direct community around this family)

Visit the website of Compassion 

Charity DMC Amsterdam ZOYO Travel Just Diggit

Just Diggit

Earth is drying up. Just Diggit is going to reverse it, and there’s one decade to do it. In their projects, they work closely with communities and local partners to restore dry land. Proven regreening techniques include rainwater harvesting (digging bunds), tree restoration, and developing grass seed banks. All projects are owned and implemented by communities that live off the land. Let's cool down the planet!

Visit the website of Just Diggit

How does it work?

For each visit that we facilitate for our clients, we donate a small fee to one of the above charities. You as a ZOYO Travel client can choose a preferred charity to which we contribute (after the services provided).
In this way, we make 'our' journeys matter.

Making memories together & doing something good for each other... feels good right?

Kind regards,

Private-travel-consultant-Amsterdam-Thomas-2Thomas van den Brink
CEO & Founder of  ZOYO Travel
E-mail: info@zoyotravel.com
Phone: +31 20 700 83 00