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Limousine service Amsterdam

Want a real luxury experience? We can arrange all kinds of transportation during your trip. Besides this we have a special limousine service in Amsterdam for extra comfort and luxury during your trip. We provide luxury sedan's, premium sedan's, ECO premium cars and American limousines. As all of the transportation is in our hands, we are always able to anticipate on last-minute changes or wishes regarding your travel program.

What to expect from our limousine service Amsterdam:

Regular and VIP airport transfers;

Private- and group transport throughout Holland;

Tour & roadshow travel services (ZOYO excursion desk);

Special services; boat rentals, canal cruises & (helicopter) flights;

VIP transport and exotic car rental.

If you have any questions, I'm happy to assist you

aline-website-2Your personal travel advisor: 
Aline Timmer
Luxury travel, local signature travel specialist
E-mail: info@zoyotravel.com
Phone: +31 20 700 83 00
WhatsApp: +31645070468 (click to Whatsapp)

A selection of our limousines:

Luxury sedan

Our standard luxury sedan is the Mercedes E-class (2020 model). Perfect for roadshows, airport transfers, private transportation & local excursions.

Vehicle details:   1 - 3    2

Premium sedan

We offer an exclusive fleet of premium sedans: a good choice if you require the finest cars in town. We use Audi A8, Mercedes S & Maybach. All cars are available for VIP transfers, roadshows and local excursions.

Vehicle details:   1 - 3   2

ECO Premium sedan

Reduce your (local) footprint and choose for our fleet of  0 % emission luxury cars. Use our (long range) Tesla X or S models for VIP transfers, roadshows and local tours in- and around Amsterdam.

Vehicle details:   1 - 3   2

Luxury mini-van

The Mercedes V-class is the perfect vehicle for small groups and delegations. With 6-7 available seats it combines luxury with true practical use. Great for airport transfers, roadshows & tours.

Vehicle details:   1 - 6/7    6