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Planning a trip to Eindhoven? ZOYO Travel is a local Destination Management Company (DMC) in Eindhoven. We are specialized in organizing tailor-made travel experiences based on your wishes. Our specialties are luxury, group and private tours.

Explore Eindhoven

Eindhoven is the largest city in the south and the fifth-largest city of the Netherlands with a population of around 231.000. The city is located centrally in Europe due to its own airport. There are also three other airports within a 1 and a half hour driving distance. Eindhoven is probably not the most beautiful city of the Netherlands, but it can definitely surprise you as it has a vibrant nightlife. Moreover, Eindhoven is known for the Philips corporation, which turned Eindhoven be the city of technology, design, and knowledge. It’s now the design capital of the Netherlands. And, as a result of this, Eindhoven is famous for its Design Academy (DAE) and the Dutch design week.

Well-known highlights Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a student city and is filled with international talent thanks to the Design Academy and the Technical University. The city has an industrial feel and a fabulous nightlife, especially during the festival Carnival.

A couple of must-see attractions in and around Eindhoven:

District Strijp-S is also known as the ‘forbidden city”. This district was only accessible to Philips employees. But, now the factories have been transformed into trendy shops and restaurants.

Famous design museums such as the MU, Van Abben museum, the Philips Museum and the Kazerne.

Visit the Piet Hein Eek, the workplace and gallery of the Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek.

Cultural festivals in Eindhoven like the Carnival, International Light Art Festival GLOW and the Dutch Design Week.

Eindhoven has a couple of beer breweries like the City Brewery Eindhoven and Brewery Van Moll.

National monuments like the Genneper Watermill (famous for it’s paintings from Vincent van Gogh and Anton Pieck) and the St. Catharina church.

Why work with a DMC in Eindhoven?

As a destination management company in Eindhoven, we can help you plan your trip to Eindhoven. We are a trusted partner, have a large local network and value personal travel experiences. Therefore, we work with local- and family-owned suppliers.
Use our DMC services in Eindhoven to access the best travel services in Eindhoven. We are able to arrange your whole travel program from transfers to daily programs or multiple-day visits. All based on your own wishes.

Tour operator in Eindhoven

We are also an (inbound) tour operator in Eindhoven. Our private tours, luxury travel, and group tours are created by us. Without any other parties involved. Our main goal is to create unique and personalized tours combined with touristic highlights and real local experiences. All based on your own wishes.

ZOYO Travel is a family-owned business with a large network within the Netherlands.
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