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When planning a trip to Ghent, use ZOYO Travel’s services to help plan your stay. We are a local Destination Management Company (DMC) in Ghent and provide tailor-made travel experiences that make your stay more convenient. Group and private tours and luxury travel are our specialties.

Explore Ghent

Ghent is one of the four most popular cities in Belgium. It has a population of around 260.000 inhabitants, making it the second-largest township of Belgium. Ghent is also a very old city with a rich history. A lot of the history of Ghent is still present today in the shape of a medieval castle with a moat, a cathedral and a belfry. Due to the fact that Ghent didn’t suffer much under bombing during World War II, much of the cultural heritage is still preserved. In comparison to other large cities, Ghent might seem small. However, Ghent is has a large and rich cultural (UNESCO Creative City of Music) and natural heritage (Proclaimed vegetarian capital and largest low-traffic pedestrian zone in Europe).

Well-known highlights Ghent

Ghent is a historic and vibrant city that also offers a modern urban lifestyle. It is well known for the historic city center with a medieval castle, the belfry and the st. Bavo’s Cathedral with its Altarpiece “The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb”. Ghent has a perfect combination of history and culture.

A list of must-see attractions in Ghent:

The Castle of the Counts: the only remaining medieval castle with a moat and an intact defense system in Flanders;

Gent’s skyline is characterized with the three towers of Ghent: the St. Nicholas’ Church, the Ghent Belfry (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and the St. Bavo’s Cathedral;

Ghent’s Altarpiece “The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb” in the St. Bavo’s Cathedral;

World-class museums like the Design Museum, Museum of Industry, House of Alijn and the STEM Ghent’s City Museum;

The Graslei and Korenlei and the medieval port of Ghent in the river Lys (ships dock here since the 11th century);

The historical city of Bruges is near Ghent, whose historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Why work with a DMC in Ghent?

ZOYO Travel is a destination management company in Ghent. We have an extensive and exclusive network and are therefore a trusted local partner. We only work with local and family owned suppliers as we believe in local and personalized travel experiences.

Using our DMC services in Ghent will guarantee you a perfectly organized trip. You can arrange everything form airport transfers to multiple day visits with us.

Tour operator in Ghent

ZOYO Travel is also an inbound tour operator in Ghent. We are a family-owned company and specialize in private and group tours and luxury travel. Our tours are created without the involvement of other parties. They are based on your wishes and always personalized with a unique combination of touristic attractions and local experiences.

We can create almost all the travel experiences you can wish for. Take a look at our travel services to get to know more about this or just contact us via phone or e-mail.

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