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Planning a trip to the Netherlands? Consider visiting the beautiful city of Groningen! ZOYO Travel is a local Destination Management Company (DMC) in Groningen. We organize tailor-made travel experiences and are happy to assist you with your stay.

Explore Groningen

Groningen is the largest city in the North of the Netherlands. With a population of around 202.ooo inhabitants, Groningen is the 7th largest city in the Netherlands. Thanks to it’s university and university hospital, a big part of the population, around 60.000 inhabitants, are students. Therefore Groningen is known as a student- and vibrant city. Also, the city of Groningen has it’s own airport, Groningen Airport Eelde, which connects the city with Europe (with flights from Londen, Copenhagen and Munster).

Well-known highlights Groningen

Groningen is a vibrant city with a lot of hidden gems. Explore the city by a stroll in the century old streets with art in unexpected places, high-quality restaurants and lovely student bars. It’s province has one of the oldest man-made landscapes in Europe and it borders the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Wadden Sea.

Must-see attractions in Groningen are:

The Martinitoren tower, with 97 meter it’s the largest tower of Groningen and gives you a stunning view over the city.

Groningen countryside with the National Park Lauwersmeer, ancient village Niehove and the Vesting Bourtange fortress.

A modern architecture and museum: The Groninger Museum.

Folingestraat: this street alone offers special shops and restaurants and has a lot of hidden art and was once the best shopping street in the Netherlands.

UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Wadden See and its islands are definitely worth a visit.

Near Groningen is the province Friesland with its capital city Leeuwarden and 10 other cities (known for it’s eleven cities ice skating tour).

Why work with a DMC in Groningen?

ZOYO Travel is a destination management company in Groningen. Working with a DMC ensures you of a trusted partner for your trip. We have an extensive and exclusive network to create the best personalized travel experiences for our clients. We believe in local experiences. Therefore we work with local- and family owned suppliers only.

If you use our DMC services in Groningen we will guarantee you to access the best available travel services in Groningen. Everything form airport transfers to luxury travel can be arranged by us.

Tour operator in Groningen

Unique is ZOYO Travel in also offering our own (inbound) tour operator in Groningen. Tours and travel experiences are created by us without other parties being involved. All of our tours in Groningen are personalized and bases on your wishes.

ZOYO Travel is specialized in luxury travel, special interest tours and private and group tours.

Check our website if you want to know more about our travel services or contact us. We are happy to help create your next tour.

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