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Amsterdam’s roadmap to normality for summer 2022

Amsterdam is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel

However, if the last one-and-a-half-year has taught us anything, it would be that we should not get ahead of ourselves and take things for granted. Our communities are still recovering, and we are slowly settling into a new reality; the “new normal”, so to speak.

To safely (but surely) help restart a heavily damaged travel and hospitality industry, the Dutch government has been supporting and accelerating its vaccination campaigns lifting restrictions gradually. As of April the 28th, the Dutch government has started its 6-steps plan to “reopen society”. The first step consists of easing some restrictions, such as lifting the evening curfew opening terraces for cafés and restaurants. Soon, more decisions will come to ease restrictions that have been in place, so that we can (hopefully) have a great and safe summer.

With the utmost care that we continue to give to each and every one of our guests, we at ZOYO Travel will stand prepared to guide you through your (re)discovery of the Netherlands in the most special way. We understand that your first trip after lockdown must be special, and with us, you can plan it with complete piece of mind.

Take care and hopefully, we can meet you soon again!

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