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A lovely spring in a quiet time: Covid-19 update

'It felt like the season final of your favorite serie on Netflix... However, since 15 March it looks like we are still stuck in this episode'.

Yes, that is exactly how I felt after this first official Dutch government speech in March. The first 2 weeks where a bit of a shock, a lot of questions, a changing working atmosphere and (maybe the most important) a total change of your personal life. Now, we slowly start to realize that COVID-19 will be with us for the upcoming period and we just need to make the best out of it.

Yesterday (Tuesday 21-04-2020), our Dutch government updated the restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In general, they are seeing a small (positive) development in the spread of the virus as it's decreasing. Although this positive tone of voice the government is careful regarding any potential 'release' of safety measures.

Most important updates:

  • All non-essential travel of persons from third countries (to Europe/Netherlands) stays prohibited till at least 15-05-2020 (read restrictions)
  • Day care  & primary schools will re-open from 10-05-2020
  • Sport clubs will re-open for children and teens till 18 years old
  • The country stays in a 'technical' lockdown (only go outside if needed/preferrable)
  • Bars, restaurants, museums and other leisure 'activities' stay closed till at least 20th of May 2020

As mentioned the government carefully monitors those first steps of 're-opening' our communities. Based on the first results they will determine if it's possible to slowly release other measures as well.

Although we still need to wait for the first (international) visitors our agency is almost ready with the transformation towards the Covid-19 'proof' service level. The last weeks our team worked hard to reach out to our partners/suppliers to adjust all services accordingly.  This means we are capable of offering (almost) all our services on the way you are used from us but adjusted to the new COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Take care and hopefully, we can meet you soon again!

Kind regards,

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