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Unique Workshops and Experiences in Amsterdam

At ZOYO Travel, we strive to for the novelty and uniqueness that set us apart from the others. The pandemic did not stop us from innovating. On the contrary, it propelled us to finding new ways to expand our offering of unique experiences for our guests. This pandemic was the perfect opportunity to rediscover the Dutch landscape, looking for new and authentic experiences that will leave a permanent mark on each visitor. Thus, we would like to share with you some of these experiences that will make your visit an experience of a lifetime.

UNESCO North Sea experience:

The Dutch have long been the master’s of the sea, and this unique activity will revive the Dutch spirit in you! You will tame the North Sea together with your captain and discover the nature it offers (seals, sandbanks and many more). Unique is the fact we can offer exclusive ‘Sandbank’ celebrations with a glass of champagne in your hand!

Horse-ridding escape:

If you’re in love with horses or just interested in the noble art of horse riding, then ZOYO Travel is offering you the unique opportunity to practice or learn this activity in an 18th-century school with (international) award winning coaches.

An insider’s Dutch tulip tour:

Tulip lovers come each year to the Netherlands looking for those picturesque landscapes made out of acres of colorful tulips. For our guests who want to go even further into the tulip ‘universe’, we offer a behind-the scenes access to learn about the ins-and-outs of tulip growing and what makes the Dutch tulips excellent.

DIY workshops:

Whether you like to make candles as a hobby or want to try out some new and zero-waste experiences, we can offer you countless opportunities to learn “hands-on” to craft your own 100% natural candle, ceramic mug, or even how to express yourself artistically in the company of the best graffiti artists of the Netherlands.

Dutch craft beer experience:

Wondered why you find so many iconic (Dutch) beers around the world? During this private experience you will learn & taste the Dutch perspective of true (high quality) craft beers. Learn about our perspective of beer, flavors and the process of beer making. We visit multiple local known (and more hidden) craft beer producers all with their own story & vision.

The true story of Dutch cheese:

Discover where they make one of the finest Dutch cheeses in the Netherlands? This privately owned cheese farm is awarded by the European union with the ‘Guaranteed Tradition Label’ that assures an authentic & perfect quality. During the visit the owner of the farm will show you the process from the cows till the perfectly aged cheese. And of course, tasting is included….

Historic tall ship (klipper) yacht

The tall ship is an impressive and seaworthy sailing ship. Rigged accordingly to old tradition but luxury equipped for a smooth and luxurious day on the water! Learn to sail on this 35+ meter ship, enjoy the sun deck or just sit back and relax in one of the (indoor) lounges. A true amazing (day) experience with a full crew & service.

Of course, all of these experiences are fully customized to your personal wishes and authentic, as we always avoid the commercial paths. With us, you can expect experiences that you will not forget anytime soon!

Excited? Easily contact one of our travel advisors for more information and a fully personalized experience.