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Chinese travel agency Amsterdam


With our specialized Chinese travel agency in Amsterdam, we create tailor-made travel experiences for Chinese clients/guests that are visiting The Netherlands.

With our experienced knowledge about Chinese culture, habits and daily life we make a difference. Expect well-detailed travel services & tour programs fully adjusted to the current Chinese market & preferences. We offer experiences that offer a ‘home outside home experience’ for our valued Chinese guests.

Our Chinese travel agency Amsterdam:

Travel programs for delegations/business visits

Private Chinese tour guides in Amsterdam

Chinese restaurant services

Chinese gift services (surprise your client)

Translator and hostess services

What to consider if you receive Chinese guests?

As you may well know, the Asian and European cultures are truly different from each other. In general, a Chinese visitor really appreciates the convenience of having their own products, food & personal pattern/flow even if they are outside China. We are specialized in ‘matching’ the best of both worlds in our travel itineraries.

A few examples to keep in mind:

First leisure, then business

Respect Chinese hierarchy (even in business groups)

Hotel selection is important (floor, rooms & amenities)

Local Chinese cuisine is preferable (or European modified to their wishes)

Supply hot water during the way (even on-route)

Shopping is (besides business) mostly seen as a very important part of their trip

Buy gifts for your guests? Check meaning of gifts with us first.

This is only a minor selection of the things you should keep in mind while working with Chinese guests. We are happy to suggest some tailor-made travel itineraries fully adjusted to your clients.

Our local Chinese network

We have an extensive local network of Chinese suppliers such as restaurants, guides, drivers & much more. This means we are capable of arranging almost all kinds of (professional) Chinese services in and around Amsterdam.

It’s good to know that ZOYO Travel has an official ADS status (Approved Destination Status) that is approved by the Chinese National Tourism Administration (CNTA). With our Chinese travel agency Amsterdam we handle many (international) delegations.

More information about our specialized Chinese travel agency Amsterdam?  Let me help you directly

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