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Ecotours Amsterdam

Join our tailor-made ecotours in-and-around Amsterdam to live amazing experiences, ethically. With ZOYO Travel, you can experience and learn first-hand the Dutch way to best preserve and co-exist with nature, not only through the sightseeing of the country’s impressive waterworks and natural reserves, but also through actively contributing to the communities’ efforts to promote green and sustainable practices.

Sustainable tours Amsterdam

Eco-friendly sightseeing in a city may seem strange to some people, but it is totally possible in Amsterdam with ZOYO Travel. Our ecotours make use of the compact nature of the city and its amazing infrastructure (biking lanes, public parks, etc.) to craft the best experiences for you. Thanks to our eco-tours, we will support you throughout your journey to minimize your carbon footprint.

About our ecotours tour

Eco-friendly, organic, and local restaurants, markets and shops

Possibility to learn from sustainability experts, professionals and speakers

A combination of enjoyable walking and biking tours around the city

Take part in green workshops (DIY, painting,…)

Amsterdam’s most stunning highlights and hidden gems

Energetic and knowledgeable guides

Sustainable tourism with ZOYO Travel

As a local, family-owned business, we will guarantee the involvement of local businesses, suppliers and guides to make sure that we support and give back to our communities, which allows us to give you the most authentic experiences possible. Our tours are tailor-made and can accommodate all your requests and include much more activities and stops around the Netherlands.

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Private-travel-consultant-Amsterdam-Thomas-2Your personal incoming travel advisor: 
Thomas van den Brink
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