• Private tour Van Gogh museum Amsterdam

Private tour Van Gogh museum

Take a dive in the art of Vincent van Gogh with our private tour van Gogh museum Amsterdam

The Van Gogh museum isn’t just home to the largest collection of Van Gogh’s art pieces, it also offers an intimate insight into the artist’s life, his artistic journey as well as his struggles with mental health. Whether you are an art lover yourself, or simply curious about the iconic painter’s life, the Van Gogh museum is a truly enjoyable experience for everyone.

Why our private tour van Gogh museum:

Highly-experienced local guide with extensive Van Gogh experience

A unique and personalized experience of the museum

Skip-the-line tickets

Easy combined with other private museum tours or city tours

Multilingual language options (our guides speak 10+ different languages)


At ZOYO Travel, we create private Van Gogh tours that are build around your needs and preferences (this means, your time, your date & your personal interests). And yes, this really makes a difference compared to regular (online) booked tours.


Easily contact one of our travel advisors to create your private tour in the Van Gogh museum, happy to assist you!

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Additional information about the van Gogh private tours:

The word largest collection of van Gogh paintings
Did you know that the collection of the Van Gogh museum currently has around 200 paintings and more then 500 drawings? Of course, they are not all displayed but always the well-known pieces like: Potato Eaters, Sunflowers, Bedroom, Raeper, Wheatfield with Crows and Almond Blossoms. Besides the works, you can also find some letters and artefacts.

Combine private tour van gogh with a private city tour
If you book a private Rijksmuseum tour we can easily exend this with a city walking tour. This could be in the same theme or just a unique ‘highlight’ walking tour of Amsterdam. A unique full day experience that could include the private tour of Van Gogh, a local walking tour (with Dutch freshly baked stroopwafel) and a relaxing UNESCO canal cruise. Happy to discuss your private tour wishes in Amsterdam

Private tour day van Gogh Nuenen & Kroller-Muller. 
Want to have a dedicated and deep dive in the history and life van Vincent van Gogh? Enjoy a decidated private tour day and visit the town where he lived a part of his live (Neunen) and see the locations that he painted in real live (for instance, a few gardens, churches and other locations are still the same). By visiting those places it really feels like you where ‘there’. After this experience, we visit the Kroller-Muller museum where the second largest collection of Van Gogh paintings is located. A uniqiue experience day, full of ‘Van Gogh’.